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In 1997, Daniel Costa Salomao—founder and director of Italo Trading—began his Pro Audio career working for Brazilian transducer manufacturer Selenium Loudspeakers. Daniel spent his first year learning the ins-and-outs of the speaker business at Selenium's Brazilian headquarters.



     1998 found Daniel moving to the US, opening and managing Selenium's first state-side subsidiary, and becoming an American citizen. Within a few short years, Selenium became a key-player and a well-respected name in the Loudspeaker Industry.


    Daniel left Selenium in 2005 and joined B-52 Professional in Los Angeles, California. In less than 18 months, B-52 jumped from 20 international distributors to over 50 worldwide partners, with more than 50% of their sales coming from exports. In late 2007, Mr. Salomao moved to Italy to manage and direct International Sales for Proel SpA.


    Two years later, in 2009, Daniel moved to Miami, Florida to capitalize on his personal relationship with key Latin American companies within the Pro Audio Industry, creating Italo Trading, LLC. Mr. Salomao relies upon his degree in International Business, vast experience from living abroad and managing companies on different continents, and his fluency in English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese to manage the Italo Trading in all Latin America countries.


    In July 2010, Italo Trading was hired to restructure Behringer's Latin American distribution. Within three years of starting this partnership with Behringer (the largest Professional Audio manufacturer in the Industry today), Italo Trading doubled their already impressive revenue.


    Based out of Miami, Florida, Italo Trading is the fastest way to expose your products to the untapped Latin American Market. Team members of Italo Trading's staff are constantly traveling through South and Central America to promote products, conduct seminars, maintain relationships, and to build new partnerships. Join our team and discover the growth your company needs to succeed in today's global economy.


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The mission here at Italo Trading is simply this: connecting suppliers with  customers. Our history in the world of Pro Audio includes building lasting relationships with quality customers, assisting bothretail stores and distributors, even helping manufacturers with making product decisions that will lead

to success.

We hold the key to your success

The staff at Italo Trading works hard to ensure your success by becoming well educated with your products, manufacturing capability, and the long term goals of your team. We break the language barrier, do the traveling and teaching, and extend your reach beyond your borders, reaching customers that you have never had before.

We have entered a new era where NOTHING is secure; respect and honesty are more essential for great business relationships than ever before. Information flows incredibly fast, product life cycles are

shorter, and the rapid development of technology forces us to adapt to new trends or get left behind.

Nothing is more important than you

The future is now


Something we can do for you



  • Our goal is to support you in growing your business, and our long term relationships in untapped markets will enable you to do just that.




  • You do not have to search for customers, we already have them for you.




  • We will help train your customers to provide a better experience for the end user and it starts with our deep knoweldge of the market.



  • We make every major trade show and are well respected in Latin America.


We’re a powerful guide to expand your sales.

Export Logistics • We not only help develope your product marketing for new customers, we also help develope your methods for export, resulting in a streamline, cost efficient process that results in customers receiving your items faster.


We’re an international/multicultural team. No matter what you need. We are here to delight you. Anyway

Partner Portfolio

Current Partner

(Germany) The first LD Systems-brand PA systems were unveiled in 2002. In just a few years, this evolved into an established pro audio brand with a continually growing list of innovative products. Since those early days, the product portfolio has expanded to encompass more than 350 products that are marketed by more than 500 official dealers worldwide and cover the entire audio sector. "Pro Audio in Motion" is more than just a slogan – it is also the philosophy behind LD Systems. It stands for the continual quest to improve existing products and develop innovative new ones. The objective is to offer high-quality products at a price that appeals to budget-conscious customers and musicians in the semi-professional and professional sector.



(Germany) Cameo® Light is the emerging brand in the world of professional lighting equipment. Alongside studio & standard PAR cans, lighting sets and effects with the latest LED technology, the product line for 2014 is being continuously expanded to include high power indoor & outdoor cans in flat format, PAR cans featuring UV/blacklight functions, professional COB LED lighting sets as well as remote controlled flat par cans with an amazing value for money. All Cameo lighting products are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive to operate – and always with the goal of offering highquality products featuring the latest technology at attractive prices.



Formed in January 2006 by former executives and engineers from Brazil’s most prestigious loudspeaker manufacturer, PRV AUDIO was established to design, create and introduce new and innovative pro audio products. By combining technical and design skills with the understanding of how, when and where to market products, PRV is dedicated to providing reliable, functional and profitable products.


For over 30 years, Ultimate Support Systems has provided musicians with unique support solutions that are crafted with unparalleled innovation and quality and accompanied by superior customer service. We are determined to invent, design, and manufacturer the smartest support solutions and music accessories in the music industry.


Always Seeking Innovation

Innovation is at the core of Ultimate Support’s past, present, and future. You can trace Ultimate Support’s roots back to 1977, when company founder, musician, and inventor Darrell Schoenig developed an alternative to the existing unwieldy and unsightly speaker stands. His innovative solution, a compact, durable, aluminum stand crafted from parts of a hang-glider, was the prototype for the first in a series of pioneering support stands for speakers, keyboards, guitars, and more.


(United States) Switchcraft, in Chicago Illinois, is a leading supplier of a broad line of components for the audio, video, telecommunication, computer, medical, military, appliance, transportation and instrumentation industries. With a basic line of over 5,000 standard products and thousands of variations, Switchcraft markets products both domestically and internationally through a network of manufacturers' representatives and independent distributors.


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