What makes Italo Trading the first choice for your company in Latin America?

Export experience goes way beyond the logistic functions that carry product to overseas markets. By thoroughly understanding the business and political cultures within each region, we have the ability to facilitate the movement of cargo, navigate customs, and provide customers with the realistic information they need to manage their business.


Latin America is made up of many different cultures and each country has its own idiosyncrasies that make doing business there unique to other markets. It is our understanding of these traits and processes that allow for the development of targeted and realistic goals and objectives.

Italo Trading is located in Miami which is the gateway to South America and provides several benefits to our customers and their clients. Most of the region is on the same time zone so communication is not limited to certain business hours, and Miami is the logistic gateway to Latin America. There are more ocean and airfreight options from Miami to Latin America than any other city in the USA, affording us the best in carrier selections to positively affect the supply chain and the timely movement of cargo.


This is where your company can benefit greatly. The entire Italo Trading staff has spent much of their professional career in the export business, shipping products around the world by every method possible. So if you are ready to take this step, you need Italo on your team to help you analyze the options choose the best method for your product distribution.


There is a reason these companies look to Italo Trading, we are the best in providing export solutions.