By establishing product specific marketing pieces and providing in house product training and sales seminars, Italo Trading is uniquely qualified to train your customers and introduce new products into the market place.


Product training is required to cover basic yet essential knowledge of each and every piece of equipment that Italo Trading represents.  However, this step if often overlooked by many, but not at Italo Trading.


The most effective way to develop product and brand recognition doesn’t just rest with advertising, employees suggest items they are familiar with and comfortable speaking about. We will discuss your product lines and teach the store owners about the special features and give their staff the confidence to sell these new items. This is the most effective way to create recognition for your name brand.


This knowledge creates motivational opportunities - for customers, employees and store owners.


This training and education does not stop with the customer. We take our experience of the regions and different countries and translate that into what level of products will be best suited there. Italo Trading will assist you in evaluating your entire line and help you choose the items that would do best based on our sales statistics and knowledge, and focus on developing those products, so not to waste your valuable time and resources attempting to gain market share with lines that historically have not performed well.


The number one reason you need Italo on your side….. we know the customer better than anybody, and will ensure you get the right products, to the right customers.